I'm known as WhiteMagicWoman because I always try to instill the good and positive in everything I do.

My magic is my love for my family and those who I care about. Making soup when they're sick, quilting
a comforter to keep them warm, making them laugh when they're down... Caring - Sharing - Loving.

I like to cook, sew, craft, go for long walks outside, bike, hike, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I combine elegance with the natural. That's my style.


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For a more formal introduction...

My name is Susan. I'm the mother of WebSpinstress and her wonderful husband FriedMush, and grandmother of the two most adorable and smartest boys ever.

I've been in the technical documentation business for almost 30 years, as a Technical Editor, Editing Manager, Legal Assistant, Director of Quality, and more. I am currently working in a large audio-sound manufacturing company in the Design Center. I manage the color standards, qualify vendor color samples, and create visual quality reports that document flaws and action fixes during the design and develop cycles, in addition to managing the design specifications for CMF (color, materials, and finishes).

I live in NH, and I try to enjoy nature to the fullest. I walk, hike, bike, tend to my herbs and plants, feed the birds and hummingbirds, watch the ducks in the pond... I'm outside whenever possible, even if it's just for coffee on the porch. Pull up a chair and join me...

Thanks for visiting my Web site, and I hope some of my magic rubs off on you!

Sending good wishes your way...