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The Pool Sign from Hell

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The Pool Sign from Hell

This looks more like a ransom note than a pool sign!  I don’t even know where to begin…

I’m appalled, because this sign is from the athletic club where I go swimming.  The club itself is part of a very well-known, fairly expensive hotel chain.  This is also the pool that travelers and guests use.  I will refrain from naming them here for fear of embarassment…  OK, no I won’t…  It’s the Atlantis Club at the Radisson.

I have to look at this sign every time I swim the alternate lap.  Enough is enough!  I HAVE to say something…

How many times does the word “NO” appear?  How many different treatments with text color, size, placement, font, and so forth are there?  Ugh!

The title *WARNING* isn’t even centered.

Why on Earth would you bold the word “THE?”

NO Glass, NO Jumping, and NO Pool Toys are all treated differently as text.  I guess we’re supposed to glean that NO Jumping is more important because the text is bigger and bold?  Why is the word “NO” in the NO Glass also not red?  Did they run out of letters?   And we won’t even talk about spacing…  No, no, no, no, NO!!!

Professional, my butt…   A 3-year old could have done better.

Shame on you!