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Science Daily

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Web Site Recommendation:  Science Daily

 * Croc, Hippo: Brain Food for Human Ancestor?

 * How to Survive Freezing ‘To Death’

 * World’s Oldest Leather Shoe Found

 * New Species of Dinosaur Unearthed

 * Yangtze River’s Ancient Origins Revealed

 * Earth and Moon Formed Later Than Previously Thought, New Research Suggests

If these titles intrigue you, then you will enjoy visiting Science Daily.  They have tons of articles covering all types of science categories:  Fossils & Ruins, Health & Medicine, Earth & Climate, Space & Time, Plants & Animals, and more.

I visit at least once a week and take a peek to see what’s new.  I’m never disappointed.  There’s always something interesting there every time I visit.

There are more article there than you can count.   Delve deep into some of the topics and you’ll be amazed at how much information is there.


I remember that movie as being one of the scariest at that time when we were young.  Those distinctive, tell-tale windows made every other house with them seem so forboding.  Unfortunately, those windows didn’t make it through the updated renovation.  A time has ended…

‘Amityville Horror’ child says house is beautiful

Thursday May 27, 2010 4:19 PM By Valerie Kellogg

He is known today as Christopher Quaratino, but in the 1970s he was Chris Lutz, a member of the family that moved into the so-called “Amityville Horror” house after Ronald DeFeo Jr. had murdered his parents and sibilings.

Although the family lived there only 28 days, his late mother and stepfather’s tale of supernatural terror became the basis of the bestselling Jay Anson book “The Amityville Horror: A True Story,” which was turned into the blockbuster 1979 hit movie. Quaratino, now 42 and living in Arizona, changed his name from Lutz in the 1980s while serving in the U.S. Army. The Gulf War veteran says he wanted “to escape public scrutiny” and not “be a part of the freak show.”

Now Quaratino says he wants to set the record straight about what really happened while living as a child at the 1927 Dutch Colonial on the canal. (It has since been renovated, is now on the market for $1.15 million and is on its third owner since the Lutz family lived there.) Quaratino, who rehabs foreclosures, is writing his own book about what happened in the house.

Quaratino, who has not been to the neighborhood since 2005, says that while living at the house he saw a shadowy figure come to him and that his bedroom window opened and shut repeatedly one night. “There were things that took place, not as described in the book,” he says, adding that George Lutz was into the occult and that this “brought up spirits.”

“That stuff [spirits] followed us for years,” he adds. “It’s not because of the house.”

His estranged brother, Daniel, is making a documentary about his experience titled “My Amityville Horror.”

After the property came on the market this week, Quaratino saw the photos online. “The house looks beautiful,” he says. The owner, he adds, “did a fantastic job on the remodel. It looks a hell of a lot better than when I lived there. He did an excellent job.”

Crop Circle Season Is Approaching

What are these hauntingly beautiful and mysterious designs in the fields?  And who makes them?

Since appearing in the media in the 1970s, crop circles have become the subject of speculation by various paranormal, ufological, and anomalistic investigators, ranging from proposals that they were created by freak meteorological phenomena to messages from extraterrestrials.

The location of many crop circles near ancient sites such as Stonehenge, barrows, and chalk horses has led to many New Age belief systems incorporating crop circles, including the beliefs that they are formed in relation to ley lines and that they give off energy that can be detected through dowsing.

Many circles have been faked by humans, but those that weren’t show signs of manipulation that aren’t able to be faked:   Increased radiation levels, nodes in the stalks that are steamed and bent – not broken, as well as other physical phenomina inside them.

The verdict is still out on what these beautiful anomolies are, but one thing is for sure — we’re in store for a very interesting season this year.

If these are indeed the result of solar bursts, radiation in the atmosphere, ground anomalies, then the weird weather, earthquakes, and other shaking meteoroligical events should prove to make some interesting patterns this year.

Crop Circle pictures in the 2009 season:

Crop Circle pictures for the 2010 season:

Note:    The Crop Circle Connector is the most well-respected and oldest site on the Web that first started documenting and recording crop circle pictures.  While the site is hard to navigate, it’s has some awesome information and research there, as well as proposed explanations or interpretations of what some of the circles represent.  Spend a little time there and click around.  You’ll be amazed at some of the earlier pictures and explanations in the early 2000’s.

MONOPOLY Gets a Makeover

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monopolyHasbro has unveiled the design of the new 75th anniversary edition of their classic board game, Monopoly, set to hit stores in fall of 2010. “Monopoly: Revolution Edition” is slick and round instead of dull and square, with debit cards and an ATM instead of paper money and a banker, clear plastic representations of the classic tokens (bye-bye, little boot!), and clips of popular songs (like Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day,” and Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”) that play after certain actions.

This is not the first game to get a modern reboot (there’s an update to the classic Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble got a face-lift for its 60th anniversary), but Monopoly’s changes will undoubtedly appeal to the 21st century’s techie youngsters. For one thing, the adjusted-for-inflation prizes are more impressive.

Players can collect $2 million dollars for passing “Go” instead of a mere $200 — practically what the average kid gets for losing a tooth these days. But it’s bound to annoy die-hard fans of the comforting classic version, who might send it directly to jail come next fall. (At least they can take comfort in the fact that Monopoly: Revolution retains the classic Atlantic City-based street system.)

So far, the Internet echo chamber’s biggest criticism focuses on the new version’s tight security. It seems that when it comes to Monopoly, half the fun comes from cheating by stealing from the till when nobody’s looking, a loophole the new version closes with its fancy electronic banking. (However, an electronic banking version has actually been on the market for years.) Surely our nation’s tech-savvy youth will somehow find a way to game the “Monopoly” system, assuming they can be pried away from screens long enough to start a game.

For the full article, click here.

astronomyThis is one of my favorite space image sites.  Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is originated, written, coordinated, and edited by Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell.  The APOD archive contains the largest collection of annotated astronomical images on the Internet.  They have been doing this since 1995.

In real life, Bob and Jerry are two professional astronomers who spend most of their time researching the universe.  Bob is a professor at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan, USA, and Jerry is a scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland USA.

Jerry is a married, mild-mannered, and lazy guy, while Robert is much the same, but recently divorced.  Each might appear relatively normal to an unsuspecting guest.  Together, they have found new and unusual ways of annoying people such as staging astronomical debates.  Most people are surprised to learn that they developed the perfect random number generator.

Check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day Web site for more great info!

unexplained-mysteriesThis is one of my favorite places to hang out and talk about weird stuff. 

Ancient civilizations, cryptozoology, aliens and UFOs, metaphysics, psychic phenomena, paranormal, sightings, urban legends…  it’s all here.

This is one of the more well-known sites online of its kind.  There are almost 80,000 members, and they’ve been around for years!

Come join the fun!

cattle-mutilationColorado cow mutilations baffle ranchers, cops, UFO believer
By Jason Blevins
The Denver Post
Posted: 12/09/2009 01:00:00 AM MST
Rancher Manuel Sanchez has lost four calves in as many weeks, all mysteriously mutilated. Authorities are baffled. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)

SAN LUIS — Manuel Sanchez tucks his leathery hands into well-worn pockets and nods toward a cedar tree where, last month, he found his fourth mysteriously slaughtered calf in as many weeks.

“I have no idea what could do this. I wish I did,” he says.

Four calves, all killed overnight. Their innards gone. Tongues sliced out. Udders carefully removed. Facial skin sliced and gone. Eyes cored away. Not a single track surrounding the carcasses, which were found in pastures locked behind two gates and a mile from any road. Not a drop of blood on the ground or even on the remaining skin.

In his life in the piñon-patched pastures where his father and grandfather raised cattle, the 72-year-old Sanchez has seen mountain lions and coyotes kill cattle, elk and deer. He’s seen birds scavenge carcasses. He’s heard of thieves slaughtering livestock in the field for their meat. He can’t explain what he saw last month.

“A lion will drag its kill. Coyotes rip and tear flesh. These were perfect cuts — like with a laser or like a scalpel. And what would take the waste — all the guts — and leave the nice, tender meat?” Sanchez says, as he nudges his old Ford through rutted trails, rosary beads swinging from his rearview mirror. “No tracks. No blood. No nothing. I got nothing to go by. They don’t leave no trace.”

Every rancher who has reported similar cattle deaths — and there have been at least eight such deaths in southern Colorado this year — uses the same description.

“They just stripped this one,” says Tom Miller, who in March was one of three ranchers near Trinidad who discovered mutilated cattle.

Read more  – complete article here.