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Banker.a and/or Nuqel.E is a digital infection that shows up in bogus security alerts that are issued by the AV Security Suite fake anti-spyware utility.

This trojan is described as an Internet virus that is capable of recording your keystrokes and thus stealing your private data like passwords, bank account info, and so forth.  It also renders any .exe or Internet applications totally useless.  Nothing else will run or launch.

No matter how persistently you may click the “No” option on the Antivirus software alert, it will still pop up over and over again.  Clicking on “Yes” takes you to a GUI for installing AV Security Suite, which asks for payment to register the full version.

In this context, it’s essential to realize that Banker.a/Nuqel.E can be hardly regarded as a standalone trojan infection – it’s rather a cyber-scarecrow trying to brainwash people into protecting themselves by installing the pushed badware, namely, AV Security Suite.

Instead of deciding which option to choose from the AV Security Suite bogus infiltration alert,  you need to remove the root of all these misleading events, which means you should remove AV Security Suite hidden trialware and the trojans triggering those counterfeit pop-up notifications.

I highly recommend Malwarebytes to remove this infection.  The free version worked just fine, and my lapper was infected pretty badly — to the point that the only thing I could do was to boot it up in safe mode, restore to a previously known good configuration, then install Malwarebytes and remove the Banker.a virus.

There is a paid version if you want continous protection, like Norton, but the manual scan and removal is a great tool all by itself.

You can download the free version here: