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Under my needle… It’s just panel that I put some borders on, but I need a new wall hanging for outside my door. The only winter one I have is my snowflake one that I made years ago, and I want something different this year. This one is going to be a quickie, and I’m getting more practice with my longarm machine — Stitching around the tree, outlining some of the details inside the tree, then I will probably try to mimic some of the swirls in the outer border fabric and quilt them in the background behind the tree. That’s the plan anyway… lol!  🙂

The fabric panel is called Starry Night by Northcott, the same company that makes the Stonehenge line of fabrics.


Orca Bay Quilt

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Orca Bay is another quilt pattern from Bonnie Hunter (she’s awesome!) at This one is couch-sized, about 60″x80″ and I used the batik Tonga Treats Spice Market fabric collection.



Wine-themed Placemats

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I made these using separate panels of different wine bottles and sayings.  I cut them apart and then sewed them to the middles of the nice background fabric with more wine themes.  The backing fabric is a beautiful display of grapes on a neutral background.  These can be used either side up.


Desert Sky

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Desert Sky is a pattern by Judy Niemeyer at  I modified her pattern a bit to fit the dimensions that I wanted.  I used a Stonehenge fabric collection called Sonoma.  Still waiting to be quilted.  It hasn’t talked to me yet to tell me what it wants…  🙂



Celtic Solstice

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Celtic Solstice is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter at   I use batiks for the colored fabrics and a white-on-white butterfly print for the white fabric.  I wasn’t sure I liked it as I was working on it because I thought the fabrics blended too much together.  Once I got it all done though, I really love it.  I have gotten many compliments on it as well.  Thank you, Bonnie, for another fantastic pattern!


When I moved into my apartment 3 years ago, I had to get new furniture (basically, because I had nothing). 

Knowing that the apartment situation is only temporary, I didn’t want to spend a whole lot on a dining room set.  I found a great metal set with inlaid stone accents.  Beautiful slate colors – grays, blues, blacks, with flecks of copper and terra cotta.

So, what color cushions did they put on the chairs?  Tan.  Beige.  Call it whatever you want, but it’s ugly.  And cheap looking.  And dirty looking, right out of the box.  And it shows every brush stroke on the mircrofiber.  And it’s just blah. 

Who’s the brainiac who chose that fabric?  What a missed opportunity to make the cheap set look so much more expensive…

I’ve hated the cushions from the beginning.  So, this weekend, I finally did something about it.  I reupholstered them!

I used a nice, deep charcoal microfiber that’s at least three times thicker than the original tan, and the quality is so much better – almost like thick velvet.

Old:      New: 

Look at the difference the fabric makes!  It just added a whole new dimension to the old set.  I love the new cushions now!


There are tons of videos and instuctions on the Web on how to reupholster chairs so I won’t re-create them here, but I will say it was a lot easier and a lot less scary after watching a couple of them and doing the first chair.

Fabric, staple gun, staples, screwdriver, and scissors.  That’s it!

The best part of this is that I used a fabric remnant that I got at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics in the Red Dot section.  $8.00

Woooooooo hooooooooo!  🙂

Potholders and Dish Cloth

These are two potholders and a dish cloth that I made for my Mom.  While I don’t really like the mitt types, I do think that for older folks, the material around the hand is a good idea. 

So, when she asked me to make some potholders for the matching placemat set I made her, I thought it would be a good idea to provide some extra stability and support by adding an extra piece of material about 2/3 of the size on the front (the red material).  This makes a pocket that she can slip her hands into if she wants, or not use the pockets and use it as a regular potholder when she wants.  It’s a nice option to provide.

kissingballI made a kissing ball this year for Christmas home decor.  I put it on the balcony hanger where I usually have a hanging plant in the summer.

I enjoyed making it so much and it looked so good where it was, I didn’t want to take it down.  So, I  started thinking… 

Why do kissing balls have to be only for Christmas and weddings? 
Answer:  They don’t.

I plan on making one for each season that I can rotate in that spot.  Be as simple or as creative with them as you want.

For the rest of the winter, I’m planning on making one with just snowflakes and white pearl clusters.

For spring and summer, just about any combination of flowers, fruits, seeds, sprigs, and other decorative pieces from the craft stores can be used.

For fall, try pine cones and artificial cranberry clusters.

In addition to making the kissing balls seasonal, you could also make them for holidays and other occasions.  Valentines Day – Use red, pink, and white hearts.   St. Patrick’s Day…  you get the idea.

I will post more pics as I make them.

Ideas for these are unlimited!