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When I moved into my apartment 3 years ago, I had to get new furniture (basically, because I had nothing). 

Knowing that the apartment situation is only temporary, I didn’t want to spend a whole lot on a dining room set.  I found a great metal set with inlaid stone accents.  Beautiful slate colors – grays, blues, blacks, with flecks of copper and terra cotta.

So, what color cushions did they put on the chairs?  Tan.  Beige.  Call it whatever you want, but it’s ugly.  And cheap looking.  And dirty looking, right out of the box.  And it shows every brush stroke on the mircrofiber.  And it’s just blah. 

Who’s the brainiac who chose that fabric?  What a missed opportunity to make the cheap set look so much more expensive…

I’ve hated the cushions from the beginning.  So, this weekend, I finally did something about it.  I reupholstered them!

I used a nice, deep charcoal microfiber that’s at least three times thicker than the original tan, and the quality is so much better – almost like thick velvet.

Old:      New: 

Look at the difference the fabric makes!  It just added a whole new dimension to the old set.  I love the new cushions now!


There are tons of videos and instuctions on the Web on how to reupholster chairs so I won’t re-create them here, but I will say it was a lot easier and a lot less scary after watching a couple of them and doing the first chair.

Fabric, staple gun, staples, screwdriver, and scissors.  That’s it!

The best part of this is that I used a fabric remnant that I got at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics in the Red Dot section.  $8.00

Woooooooo hooooooooo!  🙂