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Kitchen Wall Hanging

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This is one of the first quilted items that I made for my home.  It’s a quilted wall hanging for the kitchen.  I also made matching curtains.   It’s a Carpenter’s Wheel pattern, very traditional.  My kitchen is done in a “modern-country” mixture of styles.  This fabric is a combination of Jacobean flowers and bandana-type fabrics.  Yes, I mixed them.   I’m nuts like that…



Smith Mountain Morning

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This is a quilt that I made for my brother.  It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from  I had him look at one of her books and pick out the pattern that he wanted, along with the color selections:  blue and brown.   I chose batik fabrics for this — Rockport Tonga batiks from Timeless Treasures.


Pieces in progress:

SmithMountainMorningPieces SmithMountainMorningPieces2

The finished quilt:



Catching Up…

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I can’t believe the last time I posted was in 2012!

A lot has happened since then, and I’ve been continuing down an awesome path.  I bought a new home back in 2012 and have been renovating it (which basically is why I stopped posting so suddenly), and I found a wonderful man and we will be marrying soon!

While renovating, and painting, and decorating the new space, I reconnected with a previous love:  Quilting.  I have jumped back in with a passion and have been learning so much — fabrics, colors, techniques — and CREATING!  Not just bed quilts either…  wall hangings, placemats, pot holders, couch quilts… the sky’s the limit.

I’ll post some of them in separate messages.  In the meantime, check out my Pinterest page here.