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More Zebra Finches!

Yes, I completed my zebbie family.  I now have 3 males and 3 females.  The original pied male and white male are on top.  Sitting on the branch from top to bottom (right to left) are the new ones: dark female, medium female, light female, and little light male.



It took a little while for the original males to get used to the new birdies, but everyone is getting along great now.  For such aggressive and pushy little birdies, they are becoming one big happy family.  Sure, a few squabbles here and there, but not nearly as much as the two males alone.

It’s been a very educational experience in the social structure of birddom.  Amazing to see how they get to know each other and handle new things.

They are tons of fun!

Zebra Finches!

Yes, I finally did it.  I finally have pets again.

I always had dogs growing up, and then an occasional gerbil and guinea pig.   Later on, always dogs, and once I even had sea horses.  Yes, sea horses… 

But now, living in an apartment, we aren’t allowed to have dogs.  I’m not a cat person, and I don’t want fish.  Bunnies, guinea pigs, and other rodent type things, I’m just not interested in anymore.

When I get a house again, I WILL have a dog.  However, it’s been a very long time, and the companionship of pets has been calling… and calling…

It took a while, but I made the right decision.  I feed the finches and hummingbirds outside, and I enjoy it so much watching them.  I love my outside birds so much, that I decided to match them with some inside ones.  Inside finches are the perfect solution, and these two are awesome!

Unlike larger birds who are people-social, finches are bird-social — meaning that they prefer the company of other birds rather than humans.  You can tame them somewhat and hand feed them and let them land on your finger, but they aren’t going to go squawking up a storm and get all pissy because you don’t have time to take them out of the cage for an hour or so every day to play with them and pamper them like the larger birds.

They are happy and content to play with themselves and with others.  They are more like fish as pets, in that you provide them with a comforting and pleasing home and then enjoy the entertainment in watching all of their antics.

These two already get very excited when I come home and will sing up a storm.  They respond to my voice and “human chirps.” 

Watching them in the birdie bath is hysterically funny, and they are just such a joy to watch with all of their hopping, fluttering, chattering, singing, and other fun acrobatics that they do.

And no, I still haven’t named them yet…   Depending on what they’re doing at different times, the names could be all over the place.  They are very multidimentional.

And so much FUN!